Ubuntu flash/boot problem

hey guys,

I’m having trouble with flashing/booting with Ubuntu on my BeagleBone Black (BBB)

  1. I downloaded the Ubuntu 13.10 xz file through armhf, extracted using 7Zip (got a img file), and copied to micro sd using win32 disk imger
  2. Inserted memory card while BBB is powered off, and switched it on while holding the boot button. Released the boot button when user LED was lit.
  3. login screen came after 1-2 minutes.
  4. waited for all LEDs to be stabled. But they never did. …

When I remove my memory card, BBB won’t get switched on either.

Am I missing something?

I believe you want to flash it to internal memory (eMMC) to run without external card (microSD)

While running on microSD (as you did) you need to repeat the procedure, but this time copy to eMMC
From the device command line:

wget http://s3.armhf.com/debian/saucy/bone/ubuntu-saucy-13.10-armhf-3.8.13-bone30.img.xz
sudo su
xz -cd ubuntu-saucy-13.10-armhf-3.8.13-bone30.img.xz > /dev/mmcblk1

power down and remove the uSD card