Ubuntu flasher problem

Hi all,

I’m unsuccessfuly trying to flash my Ubuntu 14.04 from an SD card to my beagblebone black eMMC.
I’m using the Robert C. Nelson script to do it : https://github.com/RobertCNelson/boot-scripts/blob/master/tools/eMMC/bbb-eMMC-flasher-eewiki-12mb.sh#

When I run the script, everything goes fine.
Only afterward:

  • when booting on the microSD, I have a kernel panic during the OS boot.
  • when booting on the eMMC, the OS loading is stuck. Also, it boots when I insert the SD card.

I’ve checked the bbb-eMMC-flasher script and I saw that the step that kill my microSD is the last function “copy_rootfs”.

Does someone has the same problem when trying to flash an ubuntu or am I the only one ?
If Robert can see this, do you have any idea on what can be the reason ?

best regards,


Well "that" script relies on you following:



So... what did you do differently?