Ubuntu (GNOME) on Beagle

Ive followed the instructions to install Ubuntu - went fine.
But instead of GNOME, it uses xfce4.
I want to use GNOME. How?
For some reason, doing apt-get install gnome doesnt work. Says the
package is broken.

I did eventually get gnome to install for the armv5el version, but
unable for armv6el-vfp version. Have I just incorrectly done something
or is gnome not supported for this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also tried adding gnome to the:
apt-get install xorg gdm xfce4 gnome
but this installed Xubuntu.

Ive not started from fresh to try this again as for me it takes
flipping ages...maybe i should...

give "apt-get install metacity" a try... gnome is actually a
meta-package for a lot more then just the basic window manager...
xfce4 brought in the xubuntu packaging & theming...

Gnome: apt-get install xorg gdm metacity

Xfce4: apt-get install xorg gdm xfce4