Ubuntu Installation issue

I have BeagleBoard revision C4 and have successfully installed Ubuntu
through the minicom using the host computer. My problem arises when I
try to just boot the BeagleBoard with no host computer connected. The
monitor never shows the BeagleBoard login prompt but it does show most
of the initialization process. I have the mouse and keyboard plugged
into the USB hub but really only Ctrl+Alt+Del works on the keyboard
as nothing will be displayed to screen when typing.

This is what my monitor displays:

init: plymouth main process (52) killed by SEGV signal
init: plymouth-splash main process (223) terminated with status 2
init: unreadahead-other main process (232) terminated with status 4
init: plymouth-log main process (237) terminated with status 1

Please help with this issue if you can. Much appreciated.



Can you go into more detail as to "which" install method you did,
including the command line argument you initiated etc..... We can
only 'guess' so much..


The install method we used was Ubuntu version Lucid 10.04.1 and we
followed the basic guidelines from this site:


We used Gparted to partition the SD card and used


to get the Linux files. Please let me know if you need more info.
Thanks for your help.



Okay, little better, still missing a lot of details, so it's VERY hard to help..

1. What are the contents of your boot.scr?
2. You mentioned install over serial, so did you renable the dvi stuff
in the boot.scr?
3. The lucid (10.04) image is setup by default to load oem-config..
do you have any SWAP enabled?