ubuntu installation

My beagleboard came preinstalled with angstrom, and I have Ubuntu installed on an SD card. I know i’m missing some steps, but how do I install ubuntu on the board?



Sent the last mail prematurely the IBM site has a compilation of some
great resources


This site has a few good walk through


Plug in the SD card into the board? :wink:


I’ve been looking at those and am not having much luck. I have an ubuntu image installed on the card but when I plug the card into the beagleboard and reboot I still boot into angstrom. Only difference being the resolution changes because of a config file on the card.

you need to change you MLO, uBoot, ect files in the first smaller fat
partition on your card or for $15 you can get a pre loaded card from
special computing

What beagle board are you using? Classic or xM

Alright, can you point me to a site that gives instructions on what exactly to change?

classic r5

If you are using the Classic beagle board you need to re-flash the
NAND if you are using the xM board there is no NAND it is different

Then you need to re-flash the NAND to boot