Ubuntu Mouse and Keyboard issues

Is there anything special that needs to be done to enable the keyboard
and mouse when plugged into a powered hub when using ubuntu? I have
tried two hubs, and neither seems to work. I get to the gui login
screen and can't do anything.


Ubuntu 9.10, linux-image-, how do I
"pastebin" my log? Is it merely copy/paste the stuff that shows up
over the rs232?

Why are you running a lucid kernel on karmic? The User-space isn't
100% compatible...

Yeap... The easy way is to use cutecom which has logging
functionality... and copy and paste it to http://pastebin.com/ for
everyone to view...


Did you compile your own kernel or use OE?

If you compiled your own kernel, enable the HID. Otherwise, keyboard and mouse will not work. Your u-boot version also affects your usb devices if patches are not applied.


dear all,

i loaded the ubuntu image to beagle board aa described in the elinux site for karmic but when i boot in a BB it is using cann’t find kernel image . can anyone give clear steps to load the ubuntu to BB.
i wanted to know what are thing to be placed in 1st partition of the SD card.

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Follow the elinux howto to a T, it sounds like you mis-partitioned
your sd card or forgot to copy the uImage.


Are you using the OTG USB ?
I do and kind of have the same problem with OTG.

plugging the hub to the BB after kernel loading solve the problem.
alternatively you can specify the OTG to be a master by typing
echo host > /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/mode
from the serial console


2010/3/25 Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com>

Here is the boot log: http://pastebin.com/S2j0Em10
I have always found it strange that it says Revision Ax/Bx when it is
a C4 board
Maybe I need to reload the boot stuffs?

To install ubuntu I just followed the instructions on the elinux wiki
page. I don't think the kernel is the lucid one, I think I just
copied and pasted the wrong name from the page

I am powered over OTG, but the hub is on the host.

If I need to reload stuff to the flash memory, it is this link

That's your problem.. Wrong u-boot version.. U-boot turns on the
power regulator for the ehci port..

Use the latest u-boot.bin from here:

Directions here: http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#Upgrade_U-Boot
(version listed here i've tested with my C4)