Ubuntu shell-Script for install fails for...

I have followed the guide for the BeagleBoardUbuntu, downloaded the scripts and run something like

./setup_sdcard.sh --mmc /dev/sdb -uboot bone

but this produces only an error:

Care to "re-read" the directions? "-uboot" vs "--uboot" big difference...


Thx for the hint with the typo I made :confused: I thought I get nut cause it already worked before and history up and down - always the same.

Thx, now it works.


It also should have error-ed out in that case.. But i missed
something in my half way transition from "--uboot" to "--dtb"..


Lets say it this way:

It definitely would have save me a lot of time, if a parameter check would have directed me the way, that something is missing. (Some kind of preliminary check before proceeding.)