uEnv.txt keywords.

I’ve been trying to compile a reference for the BBB uEnv.txt keywords;
neither the file’s contents nor its format seems to be fully documented

Does anyone know why commands are usually separated by colons, rather
than newlines?

Does anyone know if comments are possible within the uEnv.txt file?

What do the following terms mean?


It ought to be possible to parse stuff out by digging through the U-Boot
code - it’s in there somewhere - but after a couple of days spent trying
that seems like a lost cause, and the documentation I can find on the net
is very specific to one machine or another.

Thanks for any ideas - Will

Have you tried 'help' on the u-boot prompt? A lot of the terms you mention are definitions you can view with 'printenv'.

-- Bas

The command you mentioned is actually an environment variable set inside
u-boot. You can boot up to u-boot, do printenv to view those variable.

Command separated by colons because it's an environment variable, we
can't do new line.

Think environment!

I had the same question a few days ago and asked Robert C. Nelson what a good reference was for uboot / uEnv.txt variables. He gave me this link. http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot.git;a=blob;f=include/configs/am335x_evm.h;hb=HEAD#l57

This was enough information for me to figure the rest out that I needed. Perhaps it will for you as well ? Granted, I studied the uEnv.txt provided with the build steps for debian, and then several others, and it all( mostly ) became very clear.

Thanks - I’ll check the Debian sources. I’m a bit hampered since all my FTDIs are 5V, however a 3.3V one
arrived yesterday and I can now check the actual uboot prompt.