UIO_PRUSS in Linux 3.14.y

I have some PRU code working under 3.8 and need to move to 3.14.

Trying to build the latest Linux 3.14 for BBB with UIO_PRUSS support.

git clone https://github.com/RobertCNelson/ti-linux-kernel-dev.git
cd ti-linux-kernel-dev
checkout origin/ti-linux-3.14.y -b tmp

When the build gets to the menuconfig I can not find UIO_PRUSS.

I can find it with a “/PRUSS” search but when I go to “Device Drivers->Userspace I/O Driver” I do not see it listed.

Anyone know how to build this for 3.14.y (49) ?

Use the ti-linux-4.1.y branch:

cat patches/defconfig | grep PRUS


Robert thanks for the reply.

Aren’t you currently battling with spontaneous reboots in the 4.1 series? Thought I read
this here recently, but can’t find the post just now.

That should be solved in about another week.. Nuno has 3 more git bisect results


It takes about 3 days to confirm a good kernel.


Nice! Cheers to you and the others who are fixing this!