uio_pruss.ko does not create /dev/uio0-7 and related issues

Hi everyone,

I want to learn using the two PRUs on my BBB, so I installed RobertCNelson’s patched kernel, namely 4.4.10-bone10.

Here is my configuration:

  1. Debian 8
  2. uio, uio_pruss compiled as modules
  3. kernel 4.4.10-bone10
  4. dtb: am335x-boneblack

As indicated in the subject line, there are no uio0-7 in /dev after I modprobe (or insmod) uio_pruss.ko.
However, after executing the script at https://kwantam.github.io/BBKNotes2.html, /dev/uioX show up.

In order to test the system, I used the FixedPRUClock example (found at http://exploringbeaglebone.com/chapter13/) along with its dts. Here’s what dmesg delivered:

[ 665.627865] Unhandled fault: external abort on non-linefetch (0x1018) at 0xb6dbb000
[ 665.635603] pgd = ddf90000
[ 665.638334] [b6dbb000] *pgd=9baec831, *pte=4a304303, *ppte=4a304a33

Similar messages popped up with any example application that I tried to run on PRUs.

I would be grateful if someone can indicate a way to install uio_pruss reliably.

Thank you,

I think, but I'm not sure, that you need to also enable it in the DTS, right?