ULCD7 for BBxM


Just discovered the very cool ULCD7 and LCD7. But wondering why both have space for 2 devices. What is the point of that?
How can the two devices work together and share the one screen?

Seriously want to buy one now.

Beagleboard’s got some cool projects. I love the liquidware kit aswell. Well done to both projects!


Android BeagleBoard Gadget Liquidware Front Menu.jpg

Ulcd7 is a daughter board attached to bbxm. There is a spot to attach another daughter board, not a 2nd bbxm.

Ah okay, thanks.
Although, still little confused. I dont know what a daughterboard is.
Furthermore, I think the LCD7 for the beaglebone might support two devices right?


A daughter board is something you plug into the connectors on the main
(mother) board. The ULCD7 allows you to have the display and still
have this option available to plug into something else.

The ULCD7 is a daughterboard. It plugs into the motherboard, the BeagleBoard in this case is considered the motherboard. The extra slot allows an additional daughter board to be plugged in if so desired. This will give you two daughter boards.


Aubrey, if it makes things clearer: you can connect the zippy2 board
to the spare slot of the ULCD7. One slot is for BB, second for Zippy2.

The zippy2 – okay got it.
Any other examples?
What about the beaglebone capes, I guess they are only possible with the beaglebone?

beaglebone capes are obviously for beaglebone only :slight_smile:
however if you design a board compatible with other beaglebone
accessories then you can use pretty cheap and (!) stable