Unable to boot from SD Card or eMMC

I have been using BBB with QNX, booted from the SD Card. The SD Card is FAT32 formated with the following files
MLO, u-boot, uEnv & qnx-ifs. I have been running many applications without problem…
I wanted to port QNX to eMMC so that by default it boots from the eMMC so that SD card can be avoided. Hence, the followed the steps as below

  1. After QNX boot, I created a partition (fdisk)
  2. Formatted the eMMC to fat32 (mkdosfs),
  3. Mounted it.
  4. Copied the above four files to eMMC

All these were successful. Verified using df & ls command. Then restarted.

Now, the BBB is neither booting from eMMC nor from SD-card. It gives out “CCCCC” on Serial output. However, the same SD card used in another BBB is booting fine with QNX.

How do I get the BBB booting?

Will it boot from SD card if you are holding down the boot-select
button when applying power?

  If not, I suspect it was relying upon initially loading u-Boot from the
eMMC and then transferring control to the SD card rather than using the
u-Boot on the card -- and you've wiped the initial u-Boot.

  Try creating a Debian flasher image (and again you might need the
boot-select button) to restore the eMMC with a valid u-Boot.

Thanks for your response.

Boot select button is having no effect…

U-boot is a valid one, since the card has booted from it without any issue from SD-Card…

Any other suggestions?



Is the Fat Partition marked bootable?
Did you read the QNX BSP documents (of course not)
Are we supposed to guess what’s in your uenv.txt?

Did you Google what CCC means it’s the ROM bootloader saying yikes what does that tell you?

You should repeat the process on your other good board :wink:

  1. Yes, FAT Partition marked bootable
  2. Yes ,BSP User Guide Texas Instruments AM335x BeagleBone Texas Instruments AM335x BeagleBone Black. This contains details about BSP to be run on SD Card. Is there any other document detailing loading to Flash?
  3. uEnv goes like this
    uenvcmd=mmcinfo; fatload mmc 0 81000000 qnx-ifs.bin;go 81000000
  4. CCCC says its unable to get uBoot…


Will the steps detailed in the above post is applicable to QNX as well?
Will the IFS generated and used for SD-card will be the same for eMMC as well?

Thankful for any inputs.