unable to boot micro sd

I received my BBB and updated the Angstrom eMMC image via the SD according to instruction. After I got 4 solid blue LED’s I rebooted and proceeded to update the image by OPKG over the net. I then burned a Ubuntu image and a Debian image to see how those work. I am unable toi boot from micro SD into these images even thugh I was able to boot into the eMMC installer previously. If I install the micro SD and just boot with no button I get to 3 blue LED’s and the board hangs and goes no further. If I boot with the button pressed I get no LED’s except the power LED no matter how long I wait. I also can not reinstall the previous eMMC image I was able to install. The updated Angstrom works fine, so it seems whatever is controlling the micro SD is hosed. I’m not sure how to proceed to get the micro SD to work again



tnx for reply

I loaded the latest eMMC flash image (Production Image 2013.09.04)
on microSD. Held down the button and plugged in the power. The first user LED never lit, but the power LED did. Now what?

Also since I did an “OPKG upgrade” on the image presently on the eMMC I need an unknown password to get into the desktop in Angstrom. There are 2 users PMD and XUSER on the login screen and it no longer does an auto login. I can ssh in by as root no PW as before Any idea what the passwords are to log into the desktop?

Sounds like yo have a bad 4GB SD card. You can try a reformat it per the procedure and see if that helps.

Password? It is always root. If that does not work, then I don’t know that I can help you.