unable to compile angstrom for BBB

got my new BBB last week. I want its sources for all s/w components like boot loader,kernel, root file system.
I tried the link specified in the quick start guide in BBB’s shipment box.[ http://beagleboard.org/project/angstrom/ ]
went to the " Building angstrom page"[ http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/building-angstrom ]. cloned the user scrips repo. Then i got a new folder called “setup-scripts” inside my home folder. i.e[ /home/sreenathr/setup-scripts ]. went throungh the README file and did those commands in it.

MACHINE=beagleboard ./oebb.sh config beagleboard

this downloaded some data into the “source” folder inside setup-scripts folder. After download i got the message "Processing openembedded-core: Current branch angstrom-staging-yocto1.3 is up to date.

Setup for beaglebone completed"

To start a build of the kernel, source the environment file and do:

$ . ~/.oe/environment-angstromv2012.12
$ MACHINE=beagleboard bitbake virtual/kernel

i didnt understand what is sourcing environment file. anyway i did the above two steps. first step was okay. but the next step gave " pseudo is not present, but it is required" building first before the main build. after a long time of compilation too many errors occured and ended up.

I have also tried this link for s/w componenets: http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=BeagleBoneBlack#Image_Files

in this page u-boot , kernal and filesystems git links for angstrom are given. but i donno how to compile. beaglebone black is not listed in u-boot’s board.conf file.

i am using ubuntu 10.04 64 bit.

pls help