Unable to complete initial START.htm

Hello All,

New to BBB- trying to access my first board.

I’ve attached a Beaglebone Black to a MacBook Pro using the USB cord that accompanied the board. The computer sees the board and I can begin the “START.htm” sequence, but I cannot advance beyond “Step 2: Install Drivers”. The “Network” & “Serial” drivers are downloaded, but no checkmark appears next to the step. Skipping ahead to “Step 3: Browse the web server on board” (select: initiates a “connecting” process, but eventually the message “The connection has timed out” appears.

I’ve also begun the “Start” sequence on an HP Pavillion. Upon selecting both the 64 bit installer and the 32 bit installer, the following message appears: “The signature of BONE_64.exe is corrupt or invalid.”

In both cases (Mac & PC) all 5 blue LEDs light up on plugging in the USB.

The USB has been switched out- same results.

Any suggestions would be VERY MUCH appreciated.



old image = expired windows cert.