Unable to connect to

Need some input, I have had my Beaglebone Black for a couple of days and I cannot connect to on it. I cannot SSH nor HTTP to

Running Win7 and have the 64bit drivers installed. The BBB is fine; I can plug on a LCD4 cape and I can get to the OS.

Device Manager shows:

Linux USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget
Gadget Serial (COM11)

I can SSH over serial, there I can see DHCP address and can SSH/HTTP to that address.

I tried running the 32 bit set of drivers, but I get an error that says I must run the 64 bit version.

It pretty much seems to me to be a Win7 driver issue, any ideas??


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I have all the latest drivers available as listed in step2, Win 7 has SP1, there are no “Green” steps on the web page from start.htm in Chrome.

What’s broke??


Having read all the FAQ’s I can find, all the FAQ’s similar questions are pointed to, the reference documents and googling everything I can about this problem, it appears there is an issue getting the ethernet over USB working on Windows 7 64bit drivers. As we’re constrained to using Windows 7 and cannot connect to this device, we have no alternative but to send them back as they are useless to us.

I see also that evidently there are also issues with Win 8 64 bit drivers as well. I’m kinda bummed, was looking forward to using these guys, but they don’t work, so dumping them.

Maybe someday, someone can get the Win drivers working properly,