Unable to Connect to BBB via USB from OSX Yosemite

When running Mavericks connecting via USB to my BBB Rev A6A was amazingly simple.

After updating to Yosemite I’ve not been able to successfully install/re-install the USB/Network or Serial drivers or to connect to the board at

I’ve downloaded, reinstalled latest HornDIS rev 7 drivers and FTDI 2.2.18 serial drivers and restarted my laptop numerous times but still cannot connect to my BBB as before with Mavericks.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

I too would love an answer to this issue. From what I’ve read the developer doesn’t even know what the issue is; however it has something to do with the HornDIS rev 7 drivers or FTDI 2.2.18 packages.

refer to this link http://joshuawise.com/horndis#notes_about_mavericks_and_yosemite

push, i’m stuck by the same issue too.

One factor that plays a huge part in connecting to the BBB is the quality of the USB lead.

We had issues when using longer leads, which seemed to be physically thinner than those supplied with the boards. Once the shorter fatter leads were used connections tended to be more consistent.

I found some folks said the usb driver is not working well on Mac Maverick and Yosemite, is it?

the cable is working fine on Windows 7.

confirm that BBB USB comms working perfectly on Yosemite, Win7 and Debian 7.8 Wheezy here (triple boot mb air 4,2). Installed directly off the BBB’s web page.

Not working here with OSX El Capitan, anyone have any insight into the issue previously?

Following these steps exactly worked for me with El Capitan, must be 10.11.1

It works for me. Thank you so much.

Wow thank you!!! I finally got it working!!! Thank you!