Unable to connect to BBB

Hi guys!

Recently I bought the newest (element14-version) BeagleBone Black and at first everything worked like it should. But a certain moment I couldn’t connect to my BB anymore, neither by browsing to its webpage, nor using Putty. I do still see it in explorer as external harddrive however. Also, I tried connecting to it using another computer and this worked perfectly…

Anyone got an idea what might be wrong with my PC (or the BB itself)?

Thanks in advance!

A few things could be wrong but you could start off by checking your networking device settings ( on both working / non-working PC’s ) to see if there is any differences. Passed that sometimes Windows can lose it’s mind if you try using difference USB ports for various types of devices. Stuff like FTDI<->USB adapters sometimes need to be on a primary USB hub port . . . but never had that problem with g_ether ( personally ).

Thank you very much for your answer! I couldn’t find any differences in the networking device settings, but in the end I was able to solve the problem just by removing the BBB from my devices and thus probably resetting some settings that caused the problem…