Unable to enumerate USB device (WebCam)

Hi Everyone!

I am working with Angstrom on BB, and I am having this problem. My
webcam is not detected when I connect directly to the BB Host USB port
(Log message is unable to enumerate USB device on port [#anyport]).
However, the weird thing is that the webcam IS recognized when I
connect it to the a HUB, and the HUB to the BB.
I've tested the webcam on plenty of computers (Ubuntu, Windows) and it
works just fine.

I need to connect the webcam directly, and really don't know where to
search the problem.

Thanks a lot!

is the camera bus powered?

any error code hiding in the enumerate message?

If you are using the EHCI (not OTG/MUSB) port, then you have to have a hub
since the board supports only high speed devices.

See http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard#EHCI for the details


You can use logitech pro 9000 webcam and connect it to USB port of BB.
Inorder to detect the webcam you need to intall uvc package.
In Angstrom you can do as follows

opkg install kernel-module-uvcvideo



Thank you all, the only message that appears in the log is the unable
to enumerate. This camera is high speed device, and it works with the
kernel-module-uvcvideo module (It works when connected through the
HUB). The data in the back of the camera box says it needs only 100mA,
so it should work when I connect it directly.

This camera has some IR Leds, and does not have built-in IR filter. It
fits perfectly with a pass band optical filter that I bought and fits
on a box I did for the camera. So, is kind of hard for me to change
the camera.

I dont know if the cable of the camera is bad, and maybe the Hub makes
some signal recovery (I am just guessing here). But the problem
appears only when I connect it directly to the BB.