Unable to Launch getting started page. After updating

I recently updated the Angstrom image on the BBB to the latest one. about a week ago, everything worked, even with the new image installed. The startup page worked. The device showed up on the port scanner app. I could use Putty to SSH into it. But today when I connected it, I am not able to get the SSH to work, the getting started page doesnt show its connects, neither does the port scanner detect it. The BBB seems to be working as I am getting the Pulsed LED as usual and seems its booted okay.

I recently installed Vmplayer and eclipse on my desktop and spend the last couple of days figuring out how to install eclipse on Ubuntu through VMplayer. I was able to SSH back then through Ubuntu on to my BBB. I added a folder on the BBB through eclipse. today its stopped working.
I dont know if installing one of the above software has modified any drivers or changed anything on the BBB.

Should I try to use the same image of Angstrom I previously used on the uSD and reimage it? Or is there any better explanation to this.

Also I’d like to know which OS is currently the best for BBB?
Should I stick with Angstrom? I’m a total Beginner mind you.