Unable to log into VNC server on BBB.

It seems to have started since I’ve changed root’s password although I can’t confirm it. I can successfully start the VNC server but when I try to VNC to the BBB I get just the GDM screen and it just says “Automatically logging in”. That’s all that’s happening. Even when trying to VNC as another user it’s doing the same thing. Anyone have any ideas?

Following this link: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/beagleboard/BlAJDDogAhE/IKI0EUzcHAEJ I’m able to now get into the VNC server but for some reason it’s still not starting the VNC server on boot, even though I have the angstrom-x11vnc-xinit package installed and can see the command line to start VNC in “Startup Applications”.