Unable to ping BBB over USB

I recently got my BBB but I am unable to ping my computer through it (and therefore have no internet access). My computer (windows 8) is able to ping the BBB just fine and I can SSH into the board, so I do not understand why the BBB cannot see the computer. How can I fix this?



I had the same problem, but on OSX.

Firewall isn’t the problem.
I had an old beagle bone white, and used to do this all the time. I got a BBB and expected it to work, and it hasn’t.
So I have a wifi usb stick and that works.

Someone said that something wasn’t enabled, but I couldn’t find what he was talking about, so the $12 wifi was a good option.


how does the interface entry for usb look. you may need to edit the file in /etc/ maybe post thatso we could look.
you could also try a lsusb from ssh to make sure its registered correctly.