Unable to run QTGUI application over ssh forwarding

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem when trying to run QT application over ssh X11 forwarding. If I connect BBB directly to a Monitor with the mouse and keyboard I don’t have any problem, when I execute over SSH shows the message attached.


imput device.jpg

Enable X forwarding, ssh -X …

I can't see the attached message.

You have used the -X or -Y option with ssh have you?

I’ve got this response running ssh with X support, i.e. “ssh -XC carmel@” and the same executing “ssh -Y carmel@”. I don’t have problems if I run “xeyes &”.

thanks for your support,

Hi guys,

I’ve changed the permissions of “/dev/tty0” and changed the host locales (I’ve read somewhere). Now the message is “could not initialize virtual console switching”.