Unable to send keyboard characters to Beagleboard from Serial Screen


I have a beagleboard Revision C2.
I set up an SD card for validating my BeagleBoard by following instructions from this page :


I connected the bb to my serial computer’s serial port and booted the board.

The terminal screen shows output from the bb.

After some time I get this message :
Buffer I/O error on device mtdblock0, logical block 2

And then I get the login prompt. However I am unable to type anything on the screen at the login prompt.

I keep pressing characters but they don’t echo on the screen. Later I found some option in Minicom that turns on echo. However after turning this on and typing root and pressing enter, nothing happens !

It kind of stuck. Plz Help

Also the output on the screen is sometimes clipped : Some of the characters from the words are missing in the output. For example “Device list” sometimes shows up as “vice list” etc.

Furthermore when I booted without any SD card I got (some of the times) the bb # prompt, but there also I am unable to type anything. So I cant even get the output for a help command.


May be problem with Serial cable. Please check your serial cable using