Unable to start Beaglebone


One week ago I bought a Beaglebone to work with in a project I am developing in my university. The first days everything seemed ok, I could manage the Beaglebone via serial communication with Putty, but since Thursday I can’t, the device is not even detected by my computer when I connect via USB.

When I connect with only the USB wire OR the power suply the “PWR” Led blinks once and if I connect both it blinks twice, but nothing more happens. Also, when I connect with the USB wire my computer sometimes makes the sound as a device was detected, but it doesn’t appear in the device list.

Has someone any idea about what could be going on?

Thank you.

If the power LED blinks, that means there is a power issue on the boaard. Maybe some damage to an I/O pin. The FTDI devcice should register on powerup . The USB port will notregster untill the kernel boots. It wil try, but there i sno driver for the USB port running under the boot ROM.

-Make sure your DC supply is 5V exactly. Make sure it is at least 1A.
-Make sure the uSD card is inserted properly.


We’ve popped a couple of boards now with unexpected >3.3V transients on an output pin.

In both cases when 5V is applied now the the power LED blinks and nothing more.


I checked that the DC supply is 5V and 1A, and also that the uSD card is inserted properly. Can it be a hardware damage?

Yes, you may have corrupted the SD card. Try recreating it.


If that fails, I would request and RMA.


Have you measured the 5V?
I had one saying 5V but it was in fact 5.2V and the bone would not boot with this.
Just to be sure.

If it the voltage is too high, even for a moment, like you see on a cheap unregulated power supply, then the protection circuit kicks in and shuts it down.


Thank you for the answers, I’ve tried all you said and it doesn’t work, and the voltage was correct. Finally, the department is going to buy a new one and I think they will request an RMA, I hope there is no problem with the new one.

Did you try the board self diagnostic?

Can that be done without needing any extra hardware?

No. Read the SRM. It describes the external HW required and how to run the test.