Unable to use CAN bus on BBBL with 4.14.65-ti-r72 kernel (August image)


I'm having some trouble getting CAN bus to work on a Beaglbone Blue
with an image from this August, with the 4.14.65-ti-r72 kernel. I
verified that my hardware is correct by swapping in an older image
(old enough to still use the capemgr!) based one the 4.9.45-ti-r57
kernel and verifying that works.

With the newer kernel, I don't get any inbound traffic through candump
and every time I call cansend the can0 interface goes down and I get
the following error message in my dmesg output:

[ 778.698672] c_can_platform 481d0000.can can0: bus-off

The relevant lines in /boot/uEnv.txt are as follows:

###U-Boot Overlays###
###Master Enable