Undergraduate Project Ideas


I’m Kishore, currently into my final year BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Calicut. I’m in search of good ideas for my final year project. My favourite areas are Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing. Please suggest a few ideas for projects in these areas using Beagle Board. I came across OpenCV, the open computer vision library, and is there scope for doing a computer vision project using beagle board and opencv?

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There certainly is. I'm planning to do my final year project in the
same area. But I still need to get comfortable using openCV on the
There is already a thread in the discussion group titled "Running
OpenCV on the BB". Check that out.
One great area is accessibility -> you could have a hand-sign
recognition to audio system for the mute

I'm hoping to get the BB by october. How are you planning to get the
BB? Keep in touch about any updates you get, since I'm learning the
ropes here too