Unexpected behavior of pygtk on bbb

I’m running “hello world” from


And for some reason the gui pops up into the corner - you can’t move it around either.


notice the command bar on my terminal goes away - nothing I expected.

What are people using for GUI creation in BBB? What works?

This is the exact same problem I am having with opencv which uses gtk. The problem occurs in c and in python. I still have not pin pointed what is causing it. How does it behave for you if you remote in over ssh? Try debugging?

This is over vnc actually not on the hdmi - I don’t know how to debug this level of issue. It does show a warning with the flags if you look in the picture - but I don’t know if it works.

This problem also seemed to appear with Tk when I build it (pops up in the corner and messes up the command windows). Is there any test suite for gnome?

I don’t know what the issue is, but I can tell you that based on your screenshot it looks like your window manager crashed. This likely indicates that there’s an issue with either the GTK library or the sample program you’re attempting to run. I’m not sure what window manager you’re running, but if you can activate your command-line you can reenable it by running it again.

For example, if you’re using TWM as your window manager, you want to run:

$ twm &

… from the command-line to get your window borders back.