Unexpected Shut-down

I’ve been using the same Beagle-Bone AI with no issues (power related) for a few months. However, now when I start-up the board, the CPU goes immediately to 100% and after a couple mins, the board shuts down. The CPU at this point is still at 100%. The desktop screen loads, but is unresponsive, before shutdown, and all the LEDs are behaving as normal. I’ve also been using a fan, so the board isn’t hot.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be / what I did? Thanks

Can you please share the output of dmesg on your BBAI if you can?

unfortunately I am unable to access the terminal, the desktop freezes immediately after start-up and shuts down before I am able to do anything (e.g. move the mouse).

Can you try using an FTDI module or an LA to get access to the UART serial logs?

I’ll try find something