Unique identifier in DMSoC and SoC?

Thank you for giving the correct search term “die ID.” I was using the search terms “processor serial number” (PSN) and UUID and was not getting answers. Could you please answer the rest of my question? Are UUID also known as Die IDs visible? If so, how to hide the ID? Does BB have die ID programmed into otp memory?

Olimex’s reply:“Reference manual states in security features section of product features: “Read-only unique ID for digital rights management algorithms” So yes, there is some unique ID. Most likely unique ID can be seen withing kernel only, because peripheral address ranges are not accessible within user programs. If you trust your kernel you should be fine. If it has, just dont expose it to user progams. Unique id can be programmed in otp memory. As from factory, unique id comes unprogrammed and hence olinuxinos do not have it programmed.”

Do BBs have die ID or UUID programmed into opt memory and user programs?

A developer of an app requested an easy way of reading the die ID as displayed by u-boot on each Overo Board. The Overo Board has an OMAP35xx processor. Three ways were provided at http://gumstix.8.n6.nabble.com/How-to-obtain-Die-ID-other-Unique-ID-from-user-code-td561592.html

Discussion on exporting two IDs (IDCode and Production ID) to userspace is at: http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-omap@vger.kernel.org/msg27144.html

“This patch exports the OMAP3 IDCODE and Production ID to userspace via /proc/cpuinfo using the system_soc_info.Die ID is also exported depending on what users pass as kernel parameter. It is same protection mechanism made for x86 product number. So, if user passes “omap3_die_id” parameter, it will append die id code into /proc/cpuinfo as well. A Kconfig option has been added as well, so it can be configurable during compilation time.”

Is the die ID the same as unique ID for digital rights management, IDCode and Production ID? Or are there more than one IDs?

Is there any way to prevent a hacker or an app or a website from making the ID visible? If a hacker were to utilize one of the above ways to make the die ID and/or IDCode or Production ID always visible to enable geolocating the computer, how to reverse this? Does replacing the microSD card with the OS with a “system rescue” (copy of OS) microSD card hide the ID? Or does the processor need to be replaced?

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