Update BBAI-64 Documentation

Hi BB team,

I’ve been getting really frustrated trying to find up to date base images that work out of the box with the demos. It seems like your documentation is scattered between the docs page here and the forums.

Specifically, can you please update the latest images page, the link to the latest image in the docs, give a minimal image with your latest changes, have a list of FAQ’s or gotchas that consolidates all the BS that doesnt work (that should - i.e. being able to use a 64GB sd card?) and at the very very least - provide some detailed build instructions for the images. We’re not all kernel gurus, and some of us just want to get on with building software on top of your platform. I saw you guys respond to someone in some thread saying that the image theyre using is 6 months too old (jun 2022 image), but how can we know do any better if your documentation points us to old images.

For a product that is over $300 (AUD that is), we’ve got to be doing better than this.

I’ve been trying to get the most simple gstreamer pipeline that uses the hardware encoders and decoders working for about 3 weeks bashing my head all over the place - even the docs at the TI SDK don’t provide much insight as they use software decoders in their pipelines( ref here).

You’re not giving people very good reasons not to just wait for the Orin Nano and be done with it.



We plan to do a training for BB-Ai-64 with the following topics:

  1. Linux boot up
  2. Running applications on ARM A64, R5, and DSP
  3. Get a video stream from the camera
  4. Running OpenCL demo on GPU
  5. Customizing Linux

Not sure what you are looking at. This official image

This image is very good, its running on a desktop in the lab and configured headless on mini-server that is live.