Update Kernel + Distro


since my BBB runs for some time and I have now some spare time I thought I wanna udpate the kernel + distro. Currently I have installed

Linux arm 3.12.0-rc6-bone7

Looking on the wiki-pages I see that a lot has been changed in the meantime and I have no real clue where to start - especially since the old scripts don’t seem to be valid any longer.

Can I download some of the scripts which will then eventually perform the proper update? If so, which scripts? If not, any other recommendations how to upgrade?



The easiest way is (IMHO) this:

  1. download the latest flasher image from here: http://beagleboard.org/latest-images (the Debian image is my strong recommendation – Angstrom is an evolutionary dead-end)

  2. place it on a MicroSD card

  3. flash the BBB

On desktop Ubuntu sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get dist upgrade does the job,
but somehow not on BBB