Updated Image

I’m trying to update the image on my BeagleBone Black. I’ve copied the image to the microSD card, inserted the card and applied power. The power light and 3 of the other leds come on - burn steady no flashing for hours. What I’m I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for help!


Well, one thing you’re doing wrong is not giving enough information. But 3 lit LEDs for me usually indicates the bootloader is not happy.

You really need a serial debug cable to be sure what is happening but my guess would be you’re trying to use a beagelbone black with an older bootloader on the eMMC which is conflicting with a much newer bootloader on the sdcard.

Try holding down the boot switch while the board is booting up and keep it held until you get an indication that the board is in fact booting ( blinky LEDs ).