Updated Qt Embedded 4.6 gitorious tree with a fix with powervr screen plugin of SGX


We have a fix with the QGLWidget in the Qt Embedded 4.6 branch. I tested it for OpenGL ES 2.0 and found it to be working great. Example Demos: 2dpainting, hellogl_es2 & texture demo http://qt.nokia.com/doc/4.5/opengl-textures.html in the example folder are working great.

I have updated the wiki article (link below) about How to Build Qt and the gitorious url from where to get the updated qt-e.


Please give it a shot and share the results. The bitbake recipe for qt-e will be updated soon to pull in the latest fix.



Hi Varun,

Do I hear you volunteering to update the qt-e recipes? :slight_smile: