updating software when booting from an SD card greater than 4GB

I’m following the instructions here


to update the software on my beaglebone using a 16GB SD card.

since the image is for a 4GB card should there not be an included 12th (and following) post boot step(s) dealing with resizing the filesystem such that it uses all the available space on the card?

How would resizing the filesystem to make full use of the card be done?



It is an image. Image contains the formatting of the 4GB card from whence it came. That is then copied onto the SD card. You could use a Linux disk formatting tool to extend the current partitions or to add another one and get back the unused space.


Anyone care to take a shot at explaining how said linux disk tools may be used to extend/enlarge a current partition. I’m sort of lost in how to do this at the moment and I’m not finding much in google for non x86 platforms.


It is graphical in nature. it comes with the default BBB image. It is called DISK UTILITY under Applications/System Tools


My expectation when working with an ARM system is that utilities like
this are identical to the ones for x86. Since they are all written in
a higher level language, there is no reason to expect that there would
be a difference. There is very little processor-specific code in
Linux. There are wide differences between distributions.

ok, thanks. been running this on my standard bone with the curses interface. parted is there, but thake a bit of understanding I presently lack to use. I’ll see what I can do a bit later today to get a remote x session running on so I can export the graphical display.

on another note, has the issue of being able to boot from onboard mmc on the black AND use the SD card slot been resolved. that could also be another approach.