Upload OS on Beagle Bone Black

Good afternoon,

We have the BeagleBone Black (BBB) board and we are trying to change the 
OS of eMMC.

We found to images for the BBB board, one is a Debian image and the 
other is an Ubuntu image.

First, by pressing Power Button (S3) and BOOT switch (S2) for 10 seconds 
after power on, the Debian image uploaded (quickly) to eMMC and loaded, 
checked by SSH connection.

To change to Ubuntu image, following the same procedure above, we left 
the BBB running after the status LEDs starts to blink randomly. After 
about 3 hours, we checked and the BBB board still boot by the Debian.

Please, could you tell us what's wrong?

Best regards,

Robson Pereira 

You must power the board off. Pull the power. Press the boot button and then apply power.

You need to make sure the image is a flashing image, one that copies the files to the eMMC if you want to copy it to the eMMC.



How do you make a flashing image versus just a regular boot image? Also, is it possible to take the regular boot image, then ssh, and then copy the /media files to the /boot directory
would this work also?


I will leave this up to the SW folks to answer…


Ok Guys,

I’ll try again!!!

Thanks for the feedback!

Best regards,
Robson Pereira

How it's done:



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