URGENT: Beagleboard available for purchase?


I am currently working on a prototype project with an end of July
deadline. I previously purchased a Rev C2 board through Digikey to
create an initial prototype, but now I am looking for three additional
Rev C boards (I need the LCD expansion headers). I placed on order on
Digikey, but it has been placed on backorder. It was supposed to have
a ship date of 7/2, but I contacted Digikey and their response for the
reason behind the delay in shipping was "Per manufacturer there is no
stock & no dates available due to the failure rate when testing at the
factory". In light of this, I'm not even sure when I would be able to
get my hands on one!

I am currently in a real bind, because meeting the deadline is very
critical. Is there anybody out there with a Rev C Beagleboard (or
three) that they could do without until the current shipping problems
are cleared up and would be willing to sell? I would cover all costs
for shipping, etc. If so, please get in touch.

Best Regards,


How about these guys?


I was actually able to find an accommodating soul in the group to help
me out. Much thanks for all of your input! What a great community!