usage of sz and rz not with stdin and stdout

I’m trying to debug an issue I have with cutecom not being able to transfer files, it seems to have lost track of the sz program. So I’m trying to run sz and rz standalone. I’m confident the serial ports on both ends of the connection (/dev/ttyUSB1 on the workstation and /dev/ttyS2 on the BB) are configured properly but no luck in transferring files. How does one tell sz and rz to use something other than stdin and stdout?


You could first try an other program like picocom see

Are you uploading when to u-boot is running or at a later stage?


Hi keesj, thanks very much for the post I was not aware of picocom. My upload question was for after uboot. I still have questions about how to run sz/rz standalone but I got cutecom to work again by disabling getty by commenting the respawn line in inittab. Thanks again!