USB and 2.6.29 kernel

Newbie here ...

I have a working revB BB using wall wart for power, USB hub w/
keyboard, mouse, ehternet. USB works with the demo image, with Rev C/B
test image, with OE built console-image.

I've tried to build a 2.6.29 kernel with:

1. git://
using the OE cross-compile toolchain

2. using OE

3. with the OE

I replaced the console-image uImage with the newly built uImage, and
added the modules to /lib/modules.

In all three cases, the kernel built just fine and and the BB booted.
But USB is somehow disabled, and I have not been able to find out why.
I'm using the Beagle defconfigs with the git compiles, and the .bb
build should 'just work' (I think). I don't see anything obvious by
comparing the various kernel .config files.

I did find that the kernels that would not bring up USB all had this
in dmesg:

musb_hdrc: version 6.0, musb-dma, otg (peripheral+host), debug=0
musb_hdrc: ConfigData=0x33 (UTMI-16, HB-ISO Rx (X), SoftConn)
musb_hdrc: MHDRC RTL version 1.400
musb_core_init 1406: reconfigure software for static FIFOs
musb_hdrc musb_hdrc: musb_init_controller failed with status -19

I suspect this relates to my problem; my build of console-image and
the Angstrom demo do not show the above (and USB works!). Using Google
for the message hasn't helped me.

Are there kernel config settings that I am missing, or are there
patches that need to be applied? I am very new at this, so any
pointers would be most appreciated.

Thank you,


There is something going on with the kernel config. I see the same
thing with different kernels.

There are a number of kernel .config macros for USB.

The Beagleboard USB subsystem may be configured as

It supports OHCI Host, UDC Peripheral or On-The-Go mode.

Drivers can be discrete or Composite Gadget (Ethernet and serial in
the same driver).

...and THEN there is power management. basically, it could be turned off, a Host, a Device or in OTG
mode based on what is in the .config file.

- dan

Quickly checked this and indeed the OTG port is not working for me in
host mode, whereas it was for .28.
Guess there is a patch missing. The .29 defconfig file in the archive
is quite compatible to the .28 version, so I expect that not to be the

Note that .29 is still work in progress.
Also note that everything I say is related to the oe dev version.

Thank you for your reply.

I hadn't thought of the power issue, but doing a diff on a couple
different .configs doesn't appear to hightlight anything of interest.

I had really thought it would be a patch issue, but the linux- using OE build includes a bunch of patches. Even so,
USB doesn't work.

I'll keep 'grepping' and 'diffing' to see if there is a difference I
can pin down, but I really don't hold out a lot of hope.


There are definitely more patches needed. I had one, gave it a try but
it was not enough.
Didn't have the time and knowledge to further dig into it.


Thank you for confirming my experience. If there is a patch missing,
how would I go about finding it? I wonder if ANYONE has had success
with OTG USB on a .29 kernel? I'll keep playing around with it. There
are a lot of git trees available for the BB; each seems to highlight
one or another feature or approach. I'm still trying to wrap my head
around git itself, not to mention OpenEmbedded. I had sort of been
thinking that maybe git/tmlind/linux-omap-2.6 would include all the
feature patches, but maybe that is wishful thinking.

I did try to build oe-dev using the .28 .config
and doing "make oldconfig". There was no apparent difference; still no

This is NOT newbie territory!


This is NOT newbie territory!


If you venture outside the charter territory you are basically on your
If you build a standard kernel for beagleboard/angstrom it is a .28
Also prebuild kernels, e.g. the ones you can find on
are .28 or older.

If you decide to use a kernel that is still being ported, this is the
risk you are facing.

Right now you have a few options:
- for now use .28 and wait until .29 is made available for general
consumption on the Beagle
- take .29 and try to get OTG working. Feel free to join #beagle on
freenode to discuss things.
- ship your beagle to me. I can probably send you an intel board with
an atom processor in return (with a higher clock freqency) :slight_smile: