USB Bluetooth Dongle isn't recognized by BeagleBone Black

I’m attempting to figure out how to get a USB Bluetooth dongle to work with my BeagleBone Black. I’ve tried a few different ones to no avail, but have seen posts from others who seem to have had some success.

I have tried the procedure documented here:

However, when I plug the dongle in, it doesn’t even light up. Nor does it show up when I “lsusb”. The BBB is being powered by a 2.5A 5V adapter, so power should not be an issue. Has anyone been able to get a USB Bluetooth Dongle working on a BeagleBone Black, and if so, which one was it, and what can I do to get it to at least power up?

I'm having the same problem. Before I updated angstrom it worked perfectly.

There is a problem with the USB host driver, so hotplugging does not work.
Started a crowdfunding project for the fix.