USB cable provided by Beagle Bone Black

I found my BBB can be powered on by the provided USB cable, but cannot with my own USB cable. I am sure my cable is in good condition. Now I get this question, is the provided USB cable any special?

It's special, as it was hand selected out of thousands of other USB cables
by Boris Houndleroy to be matched up with that specific board.


The provided cable is not special. It is just a USB cable.


“The provided cable is not special. It is just a USB cable.”

That being said, I’ve had to cull out some (of my own) USB cables that when used, the BBB would not respond.

Yes, this is really strange, and anecdotal. I’m not sure what to make of it.

Try another cable.


Some USB cables come with only 2 conductors and are only good for power supply.
Some USB cables have high resistance conductors. They are generally thin and very flexible. They can only be used for low power devices.
Most USB cables are sound low resistance conducors, sometimes even twisted pairs. .

You can only use the first or the last kind. This does not mean that the second kind is bad, but they have limited use, generally the device they came with works fine with it.