USB device control


I am quite new to writing device drivers and also to Beagle Board. We
have some specialized piece of hardware that uses USB 2.0 to calculate
and acquire experimental data (not standard stuff like A/D boards).
We are working with the maker of the device who has drivers for
windows and would like to convert them to Linux in general (to some
degree) and for use with Beagle board in special.

Are there any sample codes/projects we can look at to get started?



You might investigate libusb first. libusb is a convenient way to
prototype USB drivers in user mode without needing to understand the
kernel. For non-standard devices, libusb is just fine -- since you
won't be benefiting from a kernel framework anyway, like a network or
disk driver would. In addition to being simpler, libusb has the added
advantage of working on all OSes and not requiring ongoing maintenance
to work with newer kernels.

- Nathan