USB DMA and missing modules

Cheese on the BBB does not show my Logitech 920 webcam. I see it in /dev/video0

I’ve read that using DMA on the Angstrom kernel can cause that problem, and the kernel should be built with PIO only. Where do I find what it is now.

Also, I had a look at Xorg.0.log, which I believe is the X Windows boot log, and found that extmod,dbe,glx,record and dri failed to load because “module does not exist, 0”

Would that affect the webcam? How do I install these missing modules? Like seemingly everyone else I want to run openCV with Haar and python.

BBB, Angstrom 3.8.6.

Microcenter was sold out of fast micro SD, I’m afraid that this newbie might hose the EMMC!

Is there a good reference for the log and file structure?