USB errors (and hotplug work-around)

Hii, I have a problem with the Beaglebone White’s USB ports, I am doing a project with this device and I want to be able to communicate with the Beaglebone White with Python from my PC. I made a script .py in the Beaglebone Bash, it starts automatically at startup the device and so this the Beaglebone is left waiting a certain cararter to start the rest execution of script, the problem comes when my PC sent the caracter and Beaglebone I did not read in the USB port number ttyGS0 !! That may be happening? I have to configure something to read me this port? Because Beaglebone send data to the PC but the reverse is not, I have to set it as a slave as it gets? Always working both terminals with USB serial ports did not Ethernet or Sockets. Thanks, I hope your answers!