USB Ethernet for xM using Ubuntu 10.04.1 minimal

From googling (and duckduckgo-ing) earlier posts it seems Ubuntu on the Beagleboard requires the internet connection to go through a usb-to-ethernet dongle, and that the inbuilt ethernet port does not work.
I got my xM last week. Internet connection is available when using the supplied Angstrom OS, but not with Ubuntu 10.04.1 minimal downloaded from:

Has anyone got the ethernet port to work with Ubuntu? Is there a driver / kernel module available from somewhere?
Am I better off trying one of the 10.10 versions? The prebuilt image 10.10 has so far hung on boot (I still need to hack around not having an lcd screen) so I have not been able to check internet connectivity with it yet.


Hi Brett,

This image doesn't require a dvi screen:

Where you having other boot issues?

If networking wasn't working do:

sudo ifconfig -a
sudo dhclient usb1


The same issue with Ubuntu 10.10, all the network interfaces are configured correctly, but there is no net connectivity at all (not even ping to the host machine)

It seems by the several Ubuntu 10.10 network related threads, that this is a known issue

In Angstrom internet is working correctly with NAT on the host machine


— On Mon, 10/18/10, Robert Nelson wrote:

> lazarman@kerndev:~/MaverickX/ubuntu-10.10-minimal-armel$ sudo apt-get install rootstock
> Reading package lists… Done
> Building dependency tree
> Reading state information… Done
> E: Couldn’t find package rootstock
> I sthis related to me having a 2 year old Ubunto install?
> Its asking me to upgrade to 10.04.1 LTS . If I do upgrade will I loose all the apt-get install packages I added?