USB & Ethernet port not working on BBxm


So I began working with the BBxm recently.

I used the demo angstrom - in the sd card shipped with the BBxm - and it works perfectly.
But the demo came on a 4GB card - and I need at least 16G.

I used narcissus to create an image (x11, gnome). After many failed attempts, the OS finally loads with the GUI.
But none of my USB ports and the ethernet port seem to be working.

On the other hand, they actually worked with the demo OS without a problem.

Any clue on where things might be wrong ?

On the same note: is there anyway I can port the contents in my 4GB card to the the 16G card and expect the 16G card to work correctly.
I’ve already done some work on the demo OS and don’t want to be redoing them again :frowning:

best regards,