usb ethernet to work with C4 + android eclair 0x5?

i have a beagleboard C4 with eclair 0x5 from 0xlab/0xdroid trying to
get ethernet usb to work.

is there a tutorial for this somewhere? i found this website that
seems to have a fix:
is it accurate?

i have almost no unix knowledge and dont have a linux system. i have
no idea where to type in all this kernel info and how to rebuild a
kernel. is there someway to get this terminal or kernel through
windows? or is it possible for something to make this kernel for me
and email it to me? please advise. thanks in advance

I’ve been quite happy with the Linksys USB300M. I picked it up locally, but I know it’s available from Egghead and other online retailers for around $30. I just plugged it into the USB port, and the default angstrom kernel had the correct drivers set up.

Kay Richardson,

I expected the same difficulties. See my post:

Jim Huang (jserv) from 0xlab didn't gave me detailed step-by-step
guide how to do it for dummy :slight_smile: So we need to learn how to compile
kernel with USB300M driver (I don't think that it is user-friendly
solution). Currently I read "free-electron" lectures regarding
Embedded Linux to get initial step for how-to rebuild kernel but it
take a lot of time. If some one here can give us instructions with
commands it will be great!


One of the steps to building Rowboat Android is to build the kernel so
their directions get you the kernel source and the build command. You
would still have to figure out how to change the config. I also plan to
figure out how to build the 0xdroid kernel since so far 0xlabs is the
Android port I am leaning toward out of the three I have tried. I should
have that figured out later today.

David Batzle

can you be a little more specific on where you downloaded the angstrom
kernel? i'm at and click the online
builder, not sure what options to choose. suggestions?

is there anyway possible someone can you just recompile the kernel for
me with linux experience and just email it to me? the instructions are

would be very much appreciated

bump for more help, this is kinda urgent. detailed tutorial would help

I going to assume that you mean OTG USB ethernet.

My host is Ubuntu 10.04 running in VMWare on XP.
BeagleBoard C4 also Ubuntu 10.04

Plug in the beagle, make sure it recognized by the host:

$ lsusb -->look for the Linux USB Ethernet/RNDIS gadget

on the host:
$ ifconfig eth0
$ ifconfig usb0
$ brctl addbr br0
$ brctl addif br0 eth0
$ brctl addif br0 usb0

$ route add default gateway
$ dhclient br0

on the beagle:

$ ifup usb0
$ dhclient usb0

Note: I had to install the host, running Ubuntu off the CD did not