USB - forward is backward

BAsed on the discusussion in
("USB success and challenges") I build a new Narcissus image, making
sure to check "all kernels"

I installed it on a new SD card, using the "standard" MLO and u-
Boot.bin images and the uImage from the narcissus image /boot

Fired up the Beagle, Angstrom fired right up. Hooray!

And yes, I did indeed see this line scrolling by:
     Configuring kernel-module-uvcvideo


while my devices do appear in "lsusb," there's no sign of the desired
uvc video device in /dev

and worse, now (again) my prevously-working keyboard and mouse (or
Ethernet connection) are no longer recognized by Englightenment! So
it's actually be a step backward.

My last card that DID work okay with mouse and keyboard (though not
UVC) used a uImage from Robert Nelson, which he set up in this thread:

What might it have that the Narcissus build does not, or is that not
the issue?

kb I swapped the uImage from Narcissus with the one Robert
prepared, and... mouse an keyboard work!

network: not
video: not


Just a note, the CC images off my site, don't contain every kernel
module. Just enough in most cases to bring up an Ethernet device and
connect to the internet. Users would then download a linux-image*.deb
file built for their choice distro which they would install the rest
of the kernel modules...

Angstrom has a package called:
which takes care of these extra modules.


Thanks Robert.

Any idea why the base USB modules you're using work, while the
Narcissus ones do not? Have you tweaked them at all?


Sorry Kevin, I'm stumped on this one too. In theory they are exactly
the same.. Source + defconfig (i only have two differences, one
related to a MOS1xxx usb Ethernet chips and the cifs storage enabled.)
Just different compilers, Angstrom build's it own, i use CodeSourcery
for the initial bootup CC uImage and debian/ubuntu's native gcc for
the *.deb's...