USB - gadget / gadgetfs problems

Hi all,

I currently try to get USB device functionality (USB-gadget) working
with beagleboard and a recent kernel (2.6.31). My plan is to emulate
a HID (mouse / keyboard) via gadgetfs.

I use OpenEmbedded / bitbake as build environment and modified the
kernel config
as described here:

I enabled all gadget-related stuff (e.g. the omap_udc, gadgetfs and
other modules)
and have them in my rootfs under /lib/modules....

however, when i try to get it running like described here: ,
I fail at the first steps (omap_udc.ko simply does not exist - using
menuconfig i can only
have this as a permanent module, modprobe omap_udc fails.)

the modules gadgetfs or g_ether cannot bind to the omap_udc driver.

furthermore, mount -t gadgetfs /dev/gadget does not succeed
(filesystem gadgetfs not known)

I tried a lot with the kernel-config, but obviously I'm missing

could you please help out ?


Hi Chris,

I’m trying to do something similar but so far without any luck. Did you succeed?


Hi Felix,
Have you had any success in getting GadgetFS working with BB?


Hi Brian,

partly. See [1] for more information. I’m currently stuck with a bug that hangs the bb when initiating the driver.