Has anyone tried a usb gsm/gprs modem with the BeagleBoard? I'd like
to know they work before I purchase one!


Looks like the blogger at Make used an EVDO USB card:

In general, you must look to see if the particular modem you are interested in supported by Linux (assuming you are running Linux on your BealgeBoard). If there is a Linux USB driver for the modem, it will in all likelihood work fine on Beagle. You do need to make sure to compile the driver into your kernel or find a suitable loadable kernel module.

I had been used Nokia Symbian phone with bundle USB cable, with angstrom I put /dev/ttyACM0 into pppd options and made telephone number changeto 99**1# in chat script.

On another Linux embedded board the Siemens (now Cinterion)
GSM/GPRS/3G module USB works fine.


2009/1/9 Dan <>

I think, Most usb modems uses generic linux usb-serial driver, ands on
top of that
GSM modem "option" driver.
you need to port(cross compile) ppp to beagle board, and connect using pppd.

Thanks and Regards,
SHivdas Gujare